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Mufqur Rahim became the first Bangladeshi batsman to be dismissed for obstructing the pitch during the second Test against New Zealand in Mirpur on Wednesday.

Mufqur Rahim was sent off for obstruction in the 41st minute, leaving his side five goals down as he became the first Bangladeshi men’s batsman to be sent off in this manner.

Thank you, Rahim defended the ball and extended his right hand to clear the ball, which seemed to come out of instinct, even though the ball was far from the stumps.

The New Zealand players appealed and the field umpires sent the decision to the third umpire for review. New Zealand appealed against Mushfiqur, who was found to have pushed the ball wide with his gloves while defending against Kyle Jamieson in the 41st minute.

TV referee Ahsan Raza declared Mushfiqur out for 35 minutes after the field umpires called for a check.

What do the rules say?

37.1.1 An obstructionist is out if any batter, while the ball is in play, intentionally attempts to obstruct or distract the playing team by word or action.

37.1.2 An off-field striker obstructs the field if, while receiving the ball from a player, he intentionally hits the ball with a hand that is not holding the racket. This applies whether it is the first strike, the second strike, or the subsequent strike. The act of receiving the ball must extend to playing with the ball and batting the ball more than once in defense of his wicket.

With the ball still in play and Mushkur “intentionally” pushing the ball away, he had to be sent back to the dressing room after scoring 35 off 83 balls.

A batter may not be out of the field to obstruct the field if:

:37.2 Not leaving the court: The batter may not leave the court if the obstruction or distraction was accidental, or if the obstruction was to avoid injury.

Or in the case of a striker, he makes a second or subsequent stroke to legally protect his wicket as in Law 34.3 (ball legally struck more than once).

Mushfiqur’s dismissal is also the first batsman to be dismissed for obstructing a pitch in Tests since the rule was updated in 2017.

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Published: 06 December 2023 02:38 PM IST


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