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In the 2023 Asian Games, two athletes in the Indian team, uniquely named after football legends David Beckham and Ronaldinho, have become the talk of the sports world. David Beckham Elkatohshungu and Ronaldo Leightonjam are ensuring their famous names resonate on the cycling scene.

Earlier, Elkatohshungu’s trip to the Commonwealth Games included an interesting incident at the airport. Immigration officials checked his passport several times and found it difficult to believe that someone whose real name could be David Beckham.

They did not allow him to enter the country until they saw the official ID. Elkatohchungu recalls how his father, who was a street footballer, always admired England’s Beckham and named his son in his honour.

The Daily Mirror quoted the Indian cyclist as saying: “When I was in my mother’s stomach in the hospital, my father said: When the baby is taken out, he will be called David Beckham.”

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India’s David Beckham Elkatohshungo (L) and Kazakhstan’s Sergey Ponomaryov (R) compete in the men’s 1/16 sprint finals in the cycling event during the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, east China’s Zhejiang Province on September 27, 2023. (Photo by Jung Yun Jie/AFP ) (Jung Yeon-ji/AFP)

“I’m a big fan of the Englishman David Beckham because he was a good player, my father loved him and he’s a really big fan.”

Leightonjam’s story is no less remarkable. His father was a huge fan of Brazilian Ronaldinho. The Laitonjam nickname was given to him when his father celebrated a successful bet on the famous footballer. The goal scored by Ronaldo in 2002 inspired his father to name it in honor of the legendary athlete.

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Elkatohchoongo feels an emotional connection to his name. Laitonjam also recognizes the empowerment that comes with carrying a name associated with heroes. For him, it serves as a constant reminder of the path he wishes to follow – a path that leads to victory and greatness.

Not only do these bikers have names, but they are also loyal fans of the players named after them. The pair also dream of meeting their football heroes one day, making their already remarkable story a captivating mix of reverence and ambition.

On 27 September, while David Beckham Elkatohchungu impressively progressed to the quarter-finals at the 2023 Asian Games, Ronaldo Singh Laitongham was unable to progress further in the competition.

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Updated: Sep 27, 2023, 11:37 AM IST


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