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At least seven people are said to have gone was killed in Syria Thursday, after a drone strike targeted a military academy graduation ceremony in Homs.

“Seven people were killed and more than 20 regime officers were injured in a violent explosion in the area of ​​the military academy in Homs, caused by a drone strike during a graduation ceremony,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, according to AFP.

The source of the attack is unclear.

Syria’s defense minister attended the ceremony but left minutes before the strikes, a Syrian security source told Reuters.

Syrian soldiers march in formation during a rally organized by the government of President Bashar Assad in Aleppo in December 2017. A drone strike was reported to have occurred on Thursday at a military academy in the city of Homs. (George Ourfalian/AFP via Getty Images)


“After the ceremony, people went down to the courtyard and the explosives went off. We don’t know where they came from and the bodies were scattered on the ground,” a witness who claimed to have set up decorations at the event told Reuters.

AFP also reports that Syrian state television described the incident as a “TERRORIST ATTACK” and there is a “large number of victims”.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.


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