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Luis Rubiales, once a powerful figure in Spanish football, tendered his resignation late on September 10, finally succumbing to enormous public and legal pressure. The move follows a series of controversies that began with his inappropriate behavior during Spain’s Women’s World Cup win in August in Sydney, Australia.

Just days before Rubiales resigned, prosecutors in Spain charged him with sexual assault and coercion. This legal development came two days after Hermoso officially accused Rubiales of the same matter. Hermoso strongly contradicted Rubiales’ assertions that the kiss was a consensual ceremonial act. She also stated that there were attempts by the federation to force her and her family to support Rubiales.

Rubiales faced a swift ban from FIFA after he kissed Spanish player Jenny Hermoso on the lips without her permission at a party that was broadcast on international television. The incident not only tarnished Rubiales’ reputation, but also sparked debates across Spain’s borders, touching on issues of consent, sexism and abuse of power in the world of sports.

As a result of this scandal, the Spanish Minister of State for Sports, Victor Francos, commented that Rubiales had done what almost all of Spanish society had demanded. There is overwhelming public opinion in favor of Rubiales’ resignation. The act is viewed by the majority of fans, players and politicians as an abuse of power and a sexual move, according to the Associated Press.

The former president of the Spanish Football Federation revealed his decision to resign to Pedro Rocha, the interim president of the federation. The Federation also issued an official announcement confirming the resignation, indicating that elections will be held soon to choose a new president.

Rubiales’ decision comes at a pivotal time when Spain is submitting its bid, along with Portugal, Morocco and possibly Ukraine, to host the 2030 Men’s World Cup. Given the risks to his reputation, Rubiales has also resigned from his position as vice president of UEFA.

Adding to the repercussions, the Spanish Women’s Football League is currently on strike to demand better wages, highlighting the issues plaguing Spanish football. Jenny Hermoso, the player at the center of this controversy, now represents Mexican club Pachuca after a successful career in Europe.

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Updated: Sep 11, 2023 07:34 AM IST


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