Iranian court sentences Tajikistan to 2 death sentences for attack on major Shiite shrine that killed 2 – Magazine Creations

Iranian court handed down two death sentences to a Tajik man convicted of a gun attack that killed two people at a major Shiite shrine in the southern city of Shiraz, the judiciary’s website said Thursday.

The website Mizan Online reported that the Iranian Revolutionary Court in Fars province sentenced Rakhmatullah Norouzov to two death sentences due to the seriousness of the crime at the Shah Cheragh Mosque. Noruzov, described as a member of the Islamic State group, was convicted of sedition and waging war against God for killing two people and injuring seven in the August attack.

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An Iranian court has handed down two death sentences to a Tajik man for an attack on a major Shiite shrine that killed two people.


Shah Cheragh is one of the top five Shia shrines of Iran. It attracts pilgrims to Shiraz, about 420 miles south of Iran’s capital, Tehran.

A previous shooting at the shrine in October 2022 killed 13 people and wounded 30 others. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for that attack.


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