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Although India lost the 2023 FIFA Men’s World Cup to Australia on November 19, one person who has praised the team’s unbeaten run to the finals is Indian coach and legendary cricketer Rahul Dravid.

He has received appreciation from a lot of former cricketers, but former Indian pacer Gautam Gambhir praised Rahul Dravid’s coaching stint as a success.

However, skipper Rohit Sharma also reminded that the team wants to win the World Cup for their country and not for any particular individual.

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Asked about Dravid’s future as India’s head coach, Gambhir said Sportskiddaas quoted Hindustan Times newspaper“Dravid’s contract as head coach should be renewed automatically. The kind of cricket India played throughout the World Cup, if you are going to judge a coach by just one match, it is a wrong precedent.”

On the contrary, Gambhir expressed his reservations about Rohit’s statements before the World Cup final.

Earlier, on the eve of the final against Australia, Rohit had said that the team wanted to win the trophy for coach Dravid because of the efforts he had made to improve the players, the report added.

“The way he stood by the players in difficult times, especially during the T20 World Cup, where we had a good run until the semi-final, where we lost. The way he reacted to certain situations and informed the players was helpful. He wants that.” Be a part of this big occasion and it is up to us to do it for him,” the Indian captain said.

Gumperth did not take this statement happily. Even in the 2011 World Cup, many Indian players publicly said that they wanted Sachin Tendulkar to win the World Cup.

In response, Gambhir said: “Every player and every coach wants to win the World Cup. If he wants renewal, then surely he should be given this opportunity. Is there anything better than continuity? I will never understand a single thing. It happened while we were there.” “In 2011 too. When you say you want to win the World Cup as an individual, it doesn’t matter who it is… that statement is not true.”

“You are trying to win the World Cup for the whole country. If you want to say something like that, don’t say it in the media. Keep it within yourself. The truth is that winning the World Cup is the most important thing.” “A trophy for the nation. I was asked the same thing in 2011 when everyone said we are trying to win the World Cup for one, so I said no, I want to win the trophy for my country. I picked up the bat for my country. So maybe Rohit should not have said that,” he said.

Dravid as an Indian coach:

Gambhir reiterated that Dravid should remain India’s coach and head towards the upcoming T20 and ODI World Cups.

“But as far as Dravid’s coaching credentials are concerned, he should be given an extension if he wants to continue. I am very happy with his tenure. Not just for a year but at least two years because India will enter the rebuilding phase.” “Soon. You may not see Rohit Sharma, Bumrah and Shami in the next World Cup. So it is important to prepare towards the 50th World Cup,” he added.

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Updated: 28 November 2023, 04:23 PM IST


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