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Camping is an ideal trip for some and a nightmare for others.

For those who love the outdoors, camping is a chance to relax and unplug.

Others see it as a surefire way to get bitten by mosquitoes and poison ivy.

However, planning and preparation can make camping’s harshest critics reconsider their stance.


Here are ways to add an extra level of fun to camping.

  1. General tips Keep food safe to avoid unwanted visitors Bring air mattresses Cook what you can over a campfire Create a shared camping playlist for the ultimate jam session Look for dog-friendly campsites Stay near a toilet Find a campsite with activities Go glamping
  2. Keep food safe to avoid unwanted guests
  3. Bring air mattresses
  4. Cook everything you can on the fire
  5. Create a shared camping playlist for the ultimate Jam session
  6. Look for dog-friendly campsites
  7. Stay near the toilet
  8. Find a campsite with activities
  9. go glamping
  10. Tips for camping with kids Get the kids involved Bring toys Have a backpack full of toys Give the kids a bug catch Spice up your s’mores Have popcorn for dessert
  11. Get the kids involved
  12. Bring toys
  13. You have a backpack full of toys
  14. Give kids a bug catch
  15. Spice up your stories
  16. Have popcorn for dessert
  17. Tips for camping with someone who isn’t outdoorsy Make it a group thing Make a sleeping area cozy Consider cabin or RV camping
  18. Make it a team thing
  19. Make a comfortable sleeping space
  20. Consider camping in a cabin or RV
A tent set up on the grass

Those who don’t like camping can change their minds with these tips. (Vincenzo Izzo/LightRocket via Getty Images)

1. General advice

Keep food safe to avoid unwanted guests

Camping is more enjoyable when you have taken the proper safety precautions.

To keep bears away, secure food and coolers out of sight in your car or in food pantries. Don’t eat inside the tent to avoid bugs as much as possible and throw out trash often. Place your trash in wildlife-resistant trash containers.

All of these little things will reduce your chances of attracting unwanted animals during your camping trip.

Bring air mattresses

Bring an air mattress if you’re worried about sleeping on hard ground.

Sleeping arrangements can become difficult when camping and it can be uncomfortable if you sleep on the ground for a long time.


Air mattresses will make sleeping arrangements much more comfortable.

Two people inflating an air mattress outside a tent

Put an air mattress right inside your tent for a more comfortable night’s sleep. (Cyrus McCrimmon/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Cook everything you can on the fire

Cooking over a campfire is a fun aspect of camping. Get everyone involved by making meals like hot dogs or s’mores that can be baked right on a stick.

Create a shared camping playlist for the ultimate Jam session

Before your trip, create a playlist on a service like Spotify that lets you share it with others.

When you create a shared playlist, other people can collaborate and add songs.

That way, everyone on the trip can add their favorite songs to share.

Look for dog-friendly campsites

If you want to bring your furry friend camping, be sure to check out pet-friendly campgrounds.

A man camping with two dogs

Dogs are welcome at many campgrounds. (Thomas Frey/image alliance via Getty ImagesThomas Frey/image alliance via Getty Images)

Stay near the toilet

Be aware of where the toilets are at your campsite. You may want to choose a location near the bathrooms to avoid long walks during your stay.

Find a campsite with activities

Campgrounds are unique and include various activities to participate in. These include crafts for kids or different hangout opportunities for adults.


If you want lots of options for entertainment while camping, look for campgrounds that provide a range of activities for campers.

go glamping

Take your five-star hotel and amenities with you and ditch your air mattress for a feather bed.


Glamping, or glitzy camping, can range from nights in climate-controlled tents to a personal chef’s kitchen.

The interior of a tent at a glamping resort

“Glamping” is a more luxurious way of camping. (Andrea Sachs/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

2. Tips for camping with children

Get the kids involved

Involve your children in the planning process. Ask them what they want to see or experience on your trip.

Offer different options for things to do on the trip and let them choose.

Bring toys

Bring a deck of cards or board games. Your camp can be a great opportunity to actually complete a game of Monopoly.


Also, see camping as an opportunity for physical activity for the whole family. Organize a relay race that includes a potato sack race or a water balloon race.

You have a backpack full of toys

Along with toys, bring a backpack full of toys for your kids while camping. Include some new surprise games to keep them busy.

Give kids a bug catch

You can get a bug holster and a net for cheap. You are likely to encounter insects on your camping adventure and it can be fun for your little one to catch bugs.

Just be sure to return them to nature after viewing.

Marshmallows cooking over a fire

S’mores can easily be made with chocolate, marshmallows and crackers. (William Gottlieb/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)

Spice up your stories

S’mores are the perfect camping dessert. While they’re delicious when made the classic way, there are a few ways to mix up the recipe.

You can start by changing the chocolate. While Hershey’s is the classic chocolate in a s’more, you can use Reese’s, York Peppermint Patties, or even Kit Kat.


Instead of using graham crackers, use Chips Ahoy, fudge cookies, or Eggo’s cinnamon toast.

Have popcorn for dessert

Another snack that kids will love is Jiffy Pop popcorn that comes in a pan shape. This can be done over the fire.

A close up of popcorn

Popcorn made over the campfire is a great camping activity. (LOIC VENANCE/AFP via Getty Images)

3. Tips for camping with a non-outdoor significant other

Make it a team thing

It’s not always the wife or girlfriend who is hesitant to set up a tent in the woods. this can be true for men too! Make your camping an event and invite a group.

Good company can make all the difference.

Make a comfortable sleeping space

If you are tent camping with your partner, make sure the sleeping arrangements are as comfortable as possible for them.


Bring an air mattress, comfortable blankets, pillows and a light source for the tent.

A log cabin

Cabin camping is a good option for beginners. (Edwin Remsburg/VW Pics via Getty Images)

Consider camping in a cabin or RV

If you’re bringing a first-time camper (or someone else who isn’t a fan) to a campsite, renting a cabin or RV can be a good compromise for both of you.

With these options, you can still enjoy the outdoors while still being comfortable.


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