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Polish police briefly detained a Polish opposition lawmaker on Tuesday, violating her parliamentary immunity, after she interrupted Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s campaign speech.

Critics of Morawiecki’s right-wing government denounced the police’s behavior, calling it an example of the deterioration of the rule of law.

MP Kinga Gajewska was using a loudspeaker to interrupt a speech by Morawiecki in Otwock, a town near Warsaw.

Television station TVN24 reported that opposition politicians were holding a rally near one of Morawiecki’s.

Gajewska used her loudspeaker to address listeners with information about an alleged visa scandal which involved certain consular officials allegedly taking bribes in exchange for granting visas to Africans and Asians.

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Polish police briefly detained a lawmaker who interrupted the prime minister’s speech to talk about a visa scandal. (Fox News)


Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party has tried to downplay the scandal as it fights for an unprecedented third consecutive term.

Marcin Kierwinski, the general secretary of the Political Alliance electoral alliance to which the 33-year-old Gajewska belongs, denounced the detention.

“These are Belarusian standards,” Kierwinski said. “The police arrested her even though she repeated that she was an MP.”

Police issued a statement saying they did not know he was an MP.

A video released by Donald Tusk, the official opposition leader, shows police putting her in the van, with people telling police she is an MP.


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