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Cricket fans expressed their dismay when video streaming platform YouTube decided to terminate one of its most popular channels Robelinda2. The YouTube channel run by Rob Moody has been active for 14 years and is known as the largest cricket archive on the internet. The video streaming giant decided to remove the channel after receiving multiple complaints regarding copyright infringement.

“Robelinda2’s YouTube channel has officially been terminated. 14 years of fun it’s been! Thanks for watching!”, Rob Moody posted on the official X account.

This development came after Rob Moody recently shared information about receiving threats from an account called @MarhabaCricketIndia, which warned him of copyright infringement for using his “legitimate and exclusive digital rights” in Bangladesh.

Robelinda2 is one of the most watched cricket channels on YouTube, with each video amassing millions of views. Cricket fans were not happy with YouTube taking down the channel, with one fan even going a little further as he claimed to have hacked the website of the company that sent copyright strikes on Robelinda2’s channel.

“An ardent fan of @robelinda2 has hacked the website of the company responsible for shutting down his cricket YouTube channel over copyright, demanding that they withdraw their strikes to release the site. This is the kind of cyberterrorism I can beat.” Posted by a user on X.

The termination of Robelinda2’s channel was not well received by cricket fans on social media who expressed their anger at the broadcasters and YouTube. “It’s absolutely ridiculous from the complaining broadcasters. It’s not like they’re making all this material readily available, and it’s not like most of it has no real commercial value yet since it originally aired,” one user said.


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