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The 2023 ICC World Cup will be the last to follow the old format where the ten teams will face each other. From 2027, a new system is scheduled to be introduced where the final round will be a 10-team group stage offering 45 entertaining matches to determine four semi-finalists.

In 2019, the tournament began with an exciting match between England and South Africa at The Oval. England won the first ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. The group stage of the tournament lasted six weeks.

Despite this, Pakistan started the tournament very slowly, winning only one of their first five matches, and ended with four straight wins to come close to qualifying. The team missed the semifinals with net run rate.

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The 14th edition of the Cricket World Cup is scheduled to be held in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia in October-November 2027.

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New formula:

Under the new format for 2027, two groups of seven teams, with the top three teams in each group, will qualify for the Super Six stage, followed by the semi-finals and final. Each team will play all other teams in the same group once after which the three highest-ranked teams will qualify for the Super Sixes.

Earlier, this format was used in the 2003 edition when it was co-hosted by South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya from 9 February to 23 March 2003.

Super Sex:

After the teams move to the Super Six stage, they will have to play against teams from the other group and the points will determine the top four teams that will qualify for the semi-finals.

ICC World Cup 2023:

Meanwhile, the 2023 FIFA World Cup is scheduled to start on October 5 and conclude on November 19. It is hosted by India.

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Updated: Sep 23, 2023, 08:03 PM IST


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