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Lionel Messi faced a wave of emotions at the FIFA World Cup. His actions and reactions, especially towards Dutch coach Louis van Gaal, have been the subject of much debate.

Argentina’s World Cup campaign began with a shock defeat to Saudi Arabia. It has shaken the confidence of fans and players alike. However, Messi led the charge in their renaissance. First, he scored against Mexico, then contributed to the victory over Poland, despite missing a penalty kick.

The match against the Netherlands was particularly intense. Before the match, Van Gaal made critical comments about Messi’s playing style and his contributions off the ball. This appeared to fuel Messi’s performance as he set up a goal and scored a penalty, celebrating by covering his ears with his hands – a gesture he later admitted to regretting.

Messi’s confession came in an interview with ESPN, where he talked about his spontaneous celebration, inspired by the cartoon character “Topo Jegio.” In the cartoon, one of the players puts his hands over his ears as a gesture of challenge towards someone. But Messi expressed his immediate regret.

“As soon as I did that I thought: What an idiot. They could still connect her. These things usually happen,” he said.

The path to glory

The Argentine journey did not stop there. They defeated Croatia in the semi-finals, with Messi scoring and Julián Alvarez providing an assist. The final against France was a true test of resilience and skill. Argentina initially took the lead with goals scored by Messi and Angel Di Maria. But French striker Kylian Mbappe had other plans. His late goals pushed the game into extra time.

Messi found the net again in extra time, but Mbappe equalized, sending the match to penalty kicks. Goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez emerged as the hero, making a number of decisive saves and ensuring Argentina’s victory.

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Updated: 03 December 2023, 02:04 PM IST


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